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About Us:

RealGurl Logo With over 20 years experience mastering the art of the female form, Matt McMullen, the CEO and creator of RealDoll has created the next generation of transformational prosthetics.

With many requests from the transgender community and medical professionals it became obvious that there was a need for hyper-realistic silicone prosthetic breasts. It was in 2008 that RealGurl launched its first product line. Since then we have continued to improve and expand our catalogue to meet the growing demand for our products.

With an extremely talented Special Effects team and R&D department we have created the most realistic silicone wearables for anybody looking to transform their physical appearance.

From women who have had single or double mastectomies, to transgender individuals, RealGurl serves them all. Our goal is to help you express in physical form what you already feel inside.

No matter the reason or motivation, transforming one’s self is never an easy undertaking. Let us assist you on this journey by showing the world that you are a RealGurl.

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